DisabiliTease Festival production team

Photo of Minda Mae, Lakota Shekhar, & VaVa Vashti

The photo is of three women on a big, black couch with a brick wall and windows behind them. From left to right are Minda Mae, Lakota Shekhar, and VaVa Vashti. Minda Mae is a bald, caucasian woman. She is wearing a burgundy dress and shoes, and rhinestoned earrings and necklace. Her right hand is on her crossed leg, and her left hand is on the couch behind Lakota. Lakota Shekhar is a dark-skinned multicultural woman. She has long, curly, black hair and is wearing a black jersey dress, red shoes, and a rhinestone necklace and crown pin. Her hands are on her right leg, which is tucked under her left, crossing her feet. VaVa Vashti is a caucasian, plus-sized woman. She has purple and teal hair pulled back into a ponytail and is wearing a black top, a blue skirt with a high slit, a rhinestone caplet in a netted pattern, and strappy black heels. Her left arm is on her left thigh, which is crossed over her right leg. Her right arm is on the couch behind Lakota. They are all smiling at the camera.

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