Grant Acknowledgement


Acknowledgement of MRAC funding is required on all publicity materials such as posters, press releases, flyers, and programs as indicated in the MRAC grant agreement. All grants require the use of the MRAC logo. Projects funded through the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund of the Legacy Amendment ALSO REQUIRE the use of the Legacy Amendment logo.

Acknowledgement Video

MRAC staff discuss an overview of grant acknowledgement and logo use.

Acknowledgement Language

Grants funded by the General Fund Appropriation:

“This activity is funded, in part, by an appropriation from the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the State’s general fund.”

Grants funded by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund:

“This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.”

Please refer to your grant agreement for your specific requirements and acknowledgement language.

MRAC Logo Usage

  • Nothing may be printed over the MRAC logo, nor within the area surrounding it on all sides equal in measure to the height of the letter “t” in the word metro (at whatever size the logo is displayed).
  • The MRAC logo may not be combined with other images or designs to create a new symbol or image.

Format Types

  • PDF – This is a vector format of the logo, similar to .eps, .ai, and .svg files. However it’s possible for users who do not have a design software to open and see a logo in PDF file format.  PDF files are intended for use in print design applications, and are resolution independent so they may be used at any size.  These PDF files may be downloaded directly.
  • PNG – A high- and low-resolution format most commonly used for web and email applications.  PNG files may also be used with a wide variety of document creation applications, such as Microsoft Office software. There are limits to how large these files may be used and viewed since the pixels with which they are rendered become visible and blur the image after they are enlarged beyond a certain point (varies by individual file size and resolution). The files we provide will enlarge clearly to 10” wide.

PDF Files



PNG Files


Download Instructions

  • Select a logo and format.
  • Right-click/control-click format type.
  • Choose “Save target as…” or “Save link as…” and save on your computer using the default filename.

Legacy Amendment Logo

For Legacy Amendment logos and guidelines, visit the Legacy Amendment site at

Letter to Elected Officials

A requirement of the grant award is sending a thank you letter to the elected officials who represent the address of your organization or group’s primary address (as it appears in your application), or your primary residential address if you are awarded as an individual with State dollars.

If you receive a MRAC Next Step Fund award, these are made possible by the McKnight Foundation and they have requested no thank you be sent from artists receiving these grant awards.

MRAC monies are allocated by the Minnesota State Legislature through an appropriation and the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, so we need your help to let elected officials know that these dollars are important to you and your community, ensuring funding will continue to be available in the future. A letter or email should be sent to your Minnesota State Senator and Minnesota State Representative (Congress person); it is not necessary to send correspondence to your US representatives. The MN District Finder will tell you who your representatives are by typing in your address.

You can mail a letter or send an email, but the important thing is to let these two elected officials know how these funds are making a difference in their districts. We advise you to send this correspondence before any events so you can invite them to the activities that are made possible with these funds!

Feel free to use our sample email or sample letter as a starting point for your own correspondence. Adding your own style and details will make the correspondence more personal and effective, but these are good starting points.

Sample Email to Legislators

Sample Grant Acknowledgement Letter to Legislators


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