MRAC uses a peer-panel process to thoughtfully evaluate applications and make funding recommendations to our board of directors. Each year, we seek panelists to support the most critical components of our funding process. To learn more about our process and if this is something you would enjoy, check out the information here and let us know if you are interested. Please note that in FY21 all applications will be reviewed by panelists through an online rating and comment system; no in-person panels are scheduled.

Who can serve as a MRAC panelist?

YOU are a great candidate to be a panelist at MRAC if you:

  • are an artist, are employed or volunteer in the arts, or are an arts enthusiast
  • live in the 7-county Twin Cities Metro area
  • are at least 18 years old and
  • are dedicated to advancing equitable grantmaking across the Twin Cities Metro region

Native American individuals, people of color, and those who bring diverse perspectives are highly encouraged to apply.

If you are a person with a disability we are happy to make accommodations to have you serve as a panelist. Need an ASL interpreter, more breaks built into the day, options to read the proposals in a different format? We will work with you!

We build very diverse panels and therefore seek individuals from a range of artistic disciplines, experiences in community, metro geographies, ages, genders, races, abilities, and ethnicities.

If you are involved with a group that applies to MRAC we would consider you a great panelist, but we also seek individuals who are not directly seeking MRAC funding.

What are the benefits for serving?

Panelists receive thorough training and in exchange for serving on a panel receive a stipend and if applicable, caretaker reimbursement. We also thank you for your time and effort to review the grant proposals.

By serving you can expect to:

  • have a greater understanding about what makes a strong grant application
  • meet interesting people who also have an investment in the arts of our community
  • learn about a variety of arts groups, organizations, and projects
  • be empowered and prepared for this role through our trainings and support
  • be respected for your role in this important process

Over 90% of our panelists who serve ask to return again!

How much work is it to be a panelist?

It can easily be 25 hours of your time to serve as a grant review panelist. We acknowledge that this is a big time commitment and ask you to serve once per year at the most, but there is no requirement for serving more than once.

There is a 2 hour online training orientation where you learn about the grant criteria and how you are to assess your assigned applications.

Approximately 25 applications are assigned to be reviewed on your own time in preparation for your panel day. We estimate that it takes 30 minutes to assess each one of these approximately 5 page applications. Panelists are given approximately 4 weeks to review these applications and submit ratings and comments via an online grant portal.

How can I learn more about serving the arts community in this way?

If you are new to the MRAC panel and would like to inquire about becoming a panelist, you may submit an inquiry email to introduce yourself and briefly describe your interest or submit your information via this online form.

If you are a returning MRAC panelist, please contact Khin Oo, Panel Manager, at or 651-645-0402.

Panels are held throughout the year. You may hear from us quickly or it may take a while depending on when you inquire and when it aligns with our needs.

Thanks for your interest in serving the arts community as a MRAC grant review panelist!


THANK YOU TO FY20 Arts Project Support Round 3 Panelists

Abby Frank Taylor, Akiko Ostlund, Anitra Budd, Annie Moua, Arneshia Williams, Averie Mitchell-Brown, Carolina Gustafson, Connie Fullmer, Dan Pinkerton, Delta Giordano, Diana Siegel-Garcia, Doug Little, Dustin Steuck, Emma Marlar, Irna Landrum, Isela Xitlali Gomez, Jamie Marshall, Janet Grove, Jeff Ambroz, Julia Gay, Kajsa Jones, Karla Nweje, Karla Arredondo Payan, Kathy Mattson, Keila Anali Saucedo, Kevin Johnson, Loren Niemi, Madison Rubenstein, Marggie Ogas, Marjorie Simon, Michelle Maryns, Mona Smith, Pete Driessen, Ryan-Olivia McCoy, Susan Tarnowski, Suzanne Roberts, Ying Vu, Zhen Zou

THANK YOU TO FY20 Access Improvement Panelists

Alison Bergblom Johnson, Brighton McCormick, Claire Avitabile, Jaime Gjerdingen, Jenny Kinsella, Kim Peterson, Naomi Cohn, Philip Fried, Raymond Luczak, Sam Conrad, Tamra Falk, Terryann Nash, Tim Cooper, Zoë Koenig

THANK YOU TO FY20 Organizational Development Panelists

Alejandra Tobar Alatriz, Alex Buffalohead, Basil Considine, Bob Bierscheid, Brandon Boat, Conie Borchardt, Dan Adolphson, Debra Stone, Eva Song Margolis, Filsan Ibrahim, Genoveva Castañeda , Heidi Rich, Jasmine RuKim, John Nuechterlein, Jon Jee Schill, Juleana Enright, Mark Kausch, Mathew Janczewski, Mike Brown, Tom Loftus, Weily Grina-Shay

THANK YOU TO FY20 Arts Learning Round 2 Panelists

Alexandra Nicome, Ashley Lustig, Bill Mathis, Chavonn Williams Shen, Christie Owens, D.A. Bullock, Dee Baskin, Fatima Camara, Flordelino Lagundino, Houa Lor, Lisa Dejoras, Melissa Clark, Mia Laufer, Natalia Vargas Marquez, Ni’Kol Imani Dowls, Nora Montañez, Teresa Pérez, Vivia Alfifuson

THANK YOU TO FY20 Round 2 Arts Project Support Panelists

Abby Frank Taylor, Afton Benson, Alice Kim, Alneida Madrigal, Amanda Cortés, Ben Owen, Brita Midness, Chris Harrison, Cigale Ahlquist, Craig Harris, Delta Giordano, Dustin Steuck, Emma Saks, Emma Marlar, Gabrielle Sacha, Hannah Smith, Jeff Ambroz, Jen Arlen, John Munson, Kajsa Jones, Kathy Mattson, Keliyah Perkins, Larry Weinberg, Loren Niemi, Lydia Four Horns, Mally Watkins, Margo Gray, Margot Olsen, Mark Salovich, Melissa Dargay, Michelle Chang, Momoko Tanno Niemi, Nancy Ariza, Nancy Fushan, Pa Na Lor, Paul Eastwold, Phillip McGraw, Quinn Villagomez, Rachel Bender, Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria, Sarah Wiechmann, Scott Swanson, Sophie Peyton, Stanton Wood, Yan Pang

THANK YOU TO FY20 Next Step Fund Panelists

Aki Shibata, Carolyn Holbrook, Christopher Harrison, Deja Stowers, Denzel Belin, Ezra Bartsch, Lindsy Halleckson, Marjorie Fedzyszyn, Markus Hoeckner, Marlena Myles, May Ling Kopecky, Nora  Montanez Patterson, Pa Na Lor, Rachel Castro, Rebekah Crisanta de Ybarra, Ritika Ganguly, Tana Hargest, Taous Khazem, Tarek Abdelqader

THANK YOU TO FY20 Round 1 Arts Learning Panelists

Amirah Ellison, Aryca Myers, Atlese Robinson, Bao Vue, Barry Kleider, Bill Venne, Chloe Rizzo, Christian Novak, Christopher Atkins, Dah Zar, Earl Ross, Frangena Johnson, G Vue, Halee Kirkwood, Jessika Akpaka, Jon Feulner, Judy Cooper Lyle, Ken Coy, Mike Alberti, Vince Leo

THANK YOU TO FY20 Capital Panelists

Annemarie Eayrs, Ben Krywosz, Claudette Webster, David Kang, Elena Giannetti, Gary Peterson, Jamie Schumacher, Jeremy Staab, Kate Walker, Kelli Miles, Koa Mirai, Michael-jon Pease, Mitchell Frazier, Yumi Inomata

THANK YOU to FY20 Arts Project Support Round 1 Panelists

Adrienne Doyle, Anna Ostroushko, Bethany Madetzke, Betty Mackay, Bob Peskin, Brenna Mosser, Carly Swenson, Cassandra Shore, Celia Mattison, Charles Campbell, Chris Garza, Daisuke Kawachi, Daniel Tran, David Evans, Denetrick Powers, Eri Isomura, Jennifer Ilse, Joko Sutrisno, Karen Charles, Laurie Phillips, Lydia Sadoff, Marcus Young, Nate Hance, Rachel Yang, Richie Yang, Rob Thomas, Roxane Wallace, Sagirah Shahid, Sai Chang, Sara Kleinsasser Tan, Sherine Onukwuwe, Sophie Liu-Othmer, Taous Khazem, Tia-Simone Gardner, Tisidra Jones, Xianping He, Zoë Bird

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