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MRAC values our connections with individuals and organizations who work in the arts and is committed to providing prompt and respectful service. We are a hands-on grantmaker and we like meeting with individuals or groups; contact us to set up a meeting to learn more about the resources MRAC can share with your arts project.

Where is MRAC’s office?

MRAC does not maintain a physical office space at this time; all work is done remotely. To get in touch with MRAC staff, you can email or call one of us directly, email or call with general inquiries 651-645-0402, and/or request a meeting of a Program Director on one of the Grant Program pages. 


What are MRAC’s Business Hours?

We operate Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed on Holidays.

MRAC staff may be able to meet with you in the evenings or on weekends if you have questions about our grant programs. Please reach out to your program director to ask for a meeting at a time that works for you if you are not available during the day.


How can I get the MRAC newsletter?

We send a monthly newsletter via email; sign-up to get our news in your inbox.

You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

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Submit a Grievance

If you have a grievance that you would like resolved, please read MRAC’s Grievance Policy and follow the procedure outlined. We hope that any grievance can be resolved directly with staff first. However, in the case that is not true, you may submit a formal grievance with this form.

MRAC Grievance Policy

COVID-19 Response and Actions

Like many organizations, the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council is contending with the reality of a health crisis unprecedented in our lifetimes. Our highest priority is taking action that best protects the panelists, applicants, staff, and general public that make up the community MRAC serves.

MRAC’s physical office has been closed since Friday, March 13th and staff is working from home. 

Connect with us at or go to the Staff page of our website to get in touch with a specific staff person directly if you have questions or comments.

MRAC implemented an Emergency Relief Fund for arts groups and arts organizations, but the available funds for this effort have been expended and we are no longer taking applications.

Grant Application Processes

  • Our grant application processes are entirely online, from guidelines to the online grant interface where applicants submit their proposals.

Panel Participation

  • Panel reviews have been converted to an online process
  • Panels are conducted remotely through an online portal, rather than meeting in-person. All panelists log in to an individual online account and make confidential ratings. They also provide written comments on each criterion to provide feedback for applicants. Because of varying levels of access to technology like stable wifi and a landline phone, we have decided that this process makes it possible for the widest breadth of individuals to participate remotely.
  • The panelist comments are available to applicants upon request after the awards are announced.

Current Grantees with Active Projects

  • First and foremost, we ask all grantees to make decisions that take care of their communities.
  • We anticipate many project changes, and ask you to propose a change for staff to approve by contacting your program director.
  • Final reports still need to be completed.
  • We have created a COVID Project Change Flow Chart (public) for you to assess what changes are possible for your open grant. This flow chart is also available in a Text Version- COVID Project Change Flow Chart for an alternative and accessible way to access the same information.
  • If after visiting the flow chart you determine your funded project(s) need to change, please reach out to your program director as soon as you are able to work on a plan to proceed.


  • MRAC staff will maintain regular working hours remotely.
  • MRAC program directors will continue to be available via phone and email for individual questions about grant program applications and project changes.

General Operations

  • MRAC’s main phone line will continue to be available during regular working hours.
  • Grant payments, panelist stipends, and MRAC’s other financial commitments will continue to be paid as usual.

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