Project Changes

MRAC recognizes that there are funded projects that need to be modified. Project changes might include updating the timeline, changing venues, or changing personnel (these are just several examples and is not an exhaustive list). Please seek approval for project changes before changing the project, as not all project changes can be approved. All project changes must be approved by a program director prior to your final report submission. A project change is approved after you receive email confirmation stating so from a program director. 

MRAC operates project changes with these values at the core:

  • Relationships. Relationships with artists, partners, and constituents are important above all else. MRAC strives to make all of our interactions with stakeholders about building relationships, not simply facilitating transactions.
  • Artist and Arts Organizations are Essential. MRAC believes in the synergy between artists and arts organizations and advocates for support to both through its work and programs.
  • Flexibility. MRAC is committed to flexibility when possible.
  • Accountability. As MRAC awards public dollars, this means we are accountable to the State of Minnesota and ultimately the public.
  • Community. MRAC believes in honoring proposed collaborations, especially when artists, individuals, and/or groups were named in the proposal or engaged in its development. Paying people who were going to be involved in the project, sooner rather than later, whether or not they did/will do the work, is responsible and essential.

To request a project change, please first read through this page.

FY2023 grantees: please log into Submittable ( and complete the “Project Change Form”. You can find this by clicking on your FY23 MRAC Grant, clicking on the “forms” tab, and navigating down to the “Request Forms” area. Please click on “edit” to fill out and submit a project change form.

If you are having issues accessing this form, please follow the directions for FY2022 and previous grantees.

FY2022 and previous grantees: Please email your program director (their contact information is listed below) a short, simple, 3-5 sentence description of the change you are requesting. Do NOT rewrite your grant application. If you email a program director, please include the following information: 

  • Name of group or individual
  • Grant number and/or grant program name
  • A short, simple, 3-5 sentence description of the change you are requesting. You do NOT need to rewrite your proposal or send any supporting documents unless asked. The most extreme project changes may require additional supporting information, reporting, and/or grant agreements, but start with a simple 3-5 sentence email.

An email request may look like this:

For Pinwheel Gallery’s Flexible Support grant, we originally entered June 30, 2023 as the end date of our project. However, our project will be done and all grant funds will be spent by June 15, 2023. May we change our project end date to June 15, 2023 instead? 

Staff Contacts for Project Changes

Artists’ Futures: Mirella Espino,

Arts Impact for Groups: Mirella Espino,

Arts Impact for Individuals: submit a project change form or contact your program director through Submittable

Next Step Fund: Masami Kawazato,

Flexible Support: submit a project change form or contact your program director through Submittable



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