Project Changes

MRAC recognizes that there are funded projects that need to be modified in light of COVID-19 social distancing requirements and activated communities after the murder of George Floyd; we imagine your grant projects are in need of amendments and/or changes.

In an effort to help you make plans for using these funds in a way that still meets the spirit of the grant awarded and also remains accountable to the public, we have created a visual format of the flow chart or a text version of the same information to help guide changes.

MRAC operates project changes with these values at the core:

  • Relationships. Relationships with artists, partners, and constituents are important above all else. MRAC strives to make all of our interactions with stakeholders about building relationships, not simply facilitating transactions.
  • Artist and Arts Organizations are Essential. MRAC believes in the synergy between artists and arts organizations and advocates for support to both through its work and programs.
  • Flexibility. MRAC is committed to flexibility when possible.
  • Accountability. As MRAC awards public dollars, this means we are accountable to the State of Minnesota and ultimately the public.
  • Community. MRAC believes in honoring proposed collaborations, especially when artists, individuals, and/or groups were named in the proposal or engaged in its development. Paying people who were going to be involved in the project, sooner rather than later, whether or not they did/will do the work, is responsible and essential.

When it is clear that a project change needs to be made in your funded project, start by reviewing the flowchart for options that work for you and then send an email to your program director with your request for a project change, which should include:

  • Name of group
  • Grant number or program your grant is (Arts Activities Support, Arts Project Support, Arts Learning, Organizational Development, etc.)
  • A short, simple, description of the change you are requesting. You do not need to rewrite your proposal or make any supporting documents unless asked. The most extreme project changes may require additional supporting information, reporting, and/or grant agreements, but start with a simple 3-5 sentence email.

An email request may look like this:

For Pinwheel Gallery’s grant  AAS19-2-555 Art Appreciation Lecture Series, we are unable to hold the last 2 events due to COVID-19. We would like to instead use the grant funds to do these events online, but we need to modify the grant budget to reallocate space rental expenses to buying an internet hot spot for the presenter. The original project budget was $5000 and the new budget is $5005. The new end date for this grant project is July 11, 2020. 

Send a basic email to the appropriate program director listed below:

Arts Learning, Arts Activities Support, Community Arts, Arts Project Support: Masami Kawazato, (Hennepin County groups) or Jovan Rebollar, (Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington County groups).

VSA Accessibility Grants, Access Improvement, Organizational Development, Capital: Scott Artley,

We know this is a stressful and complicated time to be running your arts projects and groups/organizations and we want to help you find a solution that relieves this stress and doesn’t add to it. Please reach out and let us help.

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