Saying goodbye to Becky Franklin!

After nearly 7 years of dedication to MRAC and our constituents, Becky Franklin has ended her service as the Director of Administration. We are excited for her new endeavors, but there will be a deep void left behind.

Becky joined the team in 2016 as the Grants & Operations Manager, but quickly earned her way to the Director of Administration position with her incredible attention to detail, expertise in project management, and commitment to equity. She quickly took on additional responsibilities in finance management, human resources, and grants administration, and has been the mighty engine for this team.

In addition to ensuring that our systems are in place, and compliance is tight, Becky has been a strong voice in our equity journey here at MRAC. She was an active participant in the development of MRAC’s Racial Equity Statement. She was an advocate for the declaration of prioritizing communities that have been historically marginalized and underfunded by MRAC, and has been integral to more than tripling MRAC’s funding distribution to communities that identify as BIPOC, Disabled/People with Disabilities, and LGBTQIA2+.

We are so grateful for everything she has done to make MRAC what it is today. Best of luck on the new chapter!

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