Panel Prep

Thank you so much for serving MRAC and our applicants as a panelist! We truly appreciate your time and expertise. For questions about the panel process or tech support, please contact Panel Manager Khin Oo at or 651-523-6380.

Flexible Support

Flexible Support panelists with questions about criteria or conflict of interest, please contact Program Director Scott Artley at or 651-523-6384.

Flexible Support Panel Orientation PDF at this link

Flexible Support Grant Guidelines for screen readers and translation applications at this link
Flexible Support Grant Guidelines PDF at this link

Flexible Support Rating Guide at this link

April 27 Orientation Recording at this link

Panel A – Anton Jones, Dee Baskin, Karla Arredondo Payan, Martha Bird, Michael Curran, Shoua Salas, Suzanne Roberts

Panel B – Charlie Tirey, Denzel Belin, Hadiya Shire, Isela Xitlali Gómez, James Whitt, Tarek Abdelqader, Ying Vu

Panel C – Averie Mitchell-Brown, Chad Holliday, Chandler Daily, Emily Matthees, Genoveva Castañeda, Michael May, Sophie Liu-Othmer

Panel D – Chris Garza, Eri Isomura, Jack Kolb-Williams, Katharine Horowitz, Michael Kleber-Diggs, Michelle Poss, Wilson Josephson

Panel E – Dustin Steuck, Joua Grande, Karyssa Jackson, Kevin Johnson, Peter Witzig, Quinn Villagomez, Zoe Cinel

Panel F – Annemarie Eayrs, Melissa Clark, Mike Brown, Momoko Tanno, Susan Tarnowski, Tamra Falk, Tonya Williams

Panel G – Ashley Lustig, Bethany Brunsell, Denise Tennen, Josh Bindewald, Kabo Yang, Maia Maiden, Zhen Zou

Panel H – Carmen Perez, Sara Endalew, Yang Yang, Abby Kosberg, Ronald Salazar, Seulgee Nelson, Tanya Mozingo

Panel I – Alaina Myers, Maud Hixson, Michael Hennessy, Nicole Noblet, Richie Yang, Steve Adkins , Tim Cooper

Stipend and Reimbursements

Upon completion of panel participation, panelists will receive a stipend. Panelists are required to fill out a W-9, which is available to download at this link. W-9s can be emailed to Khin at this link. We also offer reimbursement for caregiver expenses—up to 10 hours for childcare or 20 hours for a personal care assistant, at an hourly rate of up to $15.50. The reimbursement form is available at this link. Receipts from the care service provider are required.

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