Panel Prep

Thank you so much for serving MRAC and our applicants as a panelist! We truly appreciate your time and expertise.

Arts Impact for Individuals


Arts Impact for Individuals panelists with questions about criteria or conflict of interest, please contact Program Director Masami Kawazato at or 651-523-6386.

Arts Impact for Individuals panelists needing technical assistance or with questions about the panel process in general (such as reimbursement questions), please contact or 651-523-6388.

Recorded Orientation Webinars


Panel Assignments

  • Panel A – Chris Garza, Julie Zhou, Suzanne Roberts, Catherine Lundoff, Danny Roherty, Anna Stitt, Raki Kopernik
  • Panel B – Karla Arredondo Payan, Ry Taylor, Annemarie Eayrs, Billy Lackey, Savannah Bustillo, Jeanne Bain
  • Panel C – Brittenany Gillespie, David Kang, Dee Baskin, Benjamin Merritt, Alyssa Stormes, Chris Cinque, Julian Hines
  • Panel D – Bryan Thao Worra, Andi Cheney, Tarek Abdelqader, Christopher Selleck, Sasha Blinnikova, Malia Lee
  • Panel E – Nastaaja Johnson, RJ Lawrence, Nora Murphy, Christopher Bineham, Michael May, Terryann Nash
  • Panel F – Kiki Light, Reynaldo Lara, Adriana Foreman, Michelle Boone, Cat Fitzgerald, Marlena Myles, Alneida Madrigal
  • Panel G – Melissa Dargay, Emma Kasiga, Kat Vang, Ashley Lopez, Mary Popelka, Mellie Chelberg
  • Panel H – July Vang, Stephen Houtz, A’Bryana Ware, Divya Karan, Mally Watkins, James Everest

Stipends & Reimbursements

Upon completion of panel participation, panelists will receive a stipend. Panelists are required to fill out the Panelist Stipend Form (or go to


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