Panel Prep

MRAC Panel in Action, People sitting around a table discussing grants.

Thank you for serving MRAC and our applicant groups as a panelist. We appreciate your time and expertise.

For Arts Learning grant questions, contact program directors Masami Kawazato at / 651-523-6386, or Jovan C. Speller at / 651-523-6381. Program directors are happy to answer questions that arise as you are preparing for panel day.

For questions about panel day, contact Panel Manager Khin Oo at or 651-645-0402.

Panel Books

Verify that the PDF you select matches with your assigned panel day by locating your name on the Panelist List on page 2 of the electronic version. If you choose to use the PDF on panel day, be prepared with your own laptop/tablet, charger, and notes.

Orientation and Getting to MRAC

Panelists must attend orientation and panel in person at the MRAC office: 2324 University Ave. W, Suite 114, St. Paul, MN 55114. We are in the Midtown Commons, next to the Metro Green Line Raymond Ave Station. Free parking is available onsite. The ADA accessible entrance is on the southwest side of the building (access from Myrtle Ave). Do not park in areas that are highlighted in red—you will be towed. If taking Metro Mobility/Uber/Lyft, do not exit the vehicle on University Ave and exit in a parking lot instead. Bike racks are available in between MRAC and the 2314 University Ave building. A larger version of the map is available here.

Panel Day Schedule and Accessibility

Panel begins promptly at 9 am with introductions to MRAC staff and other panelists. Introductions include sharing gender pronouns and a voluntary accessibility check-in. It is one of our values to not assume gender identity or that that we all have the same needs. Accessibility needs can include visual, hearing, motor, and cognitive needs. If you would like us to know these ahead of time in order to enter the building, review the applications, or participate on panel day, please contact Khin as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements.

Possible accommodations include:

  • Private space for prayer, lactation, quiet/sensory break, etc
  • Refrigerator for food, medicine, etc
  • ADA compliant restrooms (restrooms are gendered and doors are not automatic)
  • ASL interpretation
  • Text guidelines for screen readers and translation applications
  • Font 18 point or larger for signage and name plates
  • Accommodations for fragrance sensitivity
  • PC laptop and WiFi

There is an interactive activity after introductions. After every five applications reviewed, the panel takes a break. Breaks can be adjusted for panelist comfort. Lunch is served around noon and varies depending on panelist dietary restrictions. Recent caterers include Shirley’s Catering, Bep Eatery, Dumpling, Salsa a la Salsa, Brasa, The Naughty Greek, Hot Indian Foods, Sen Yai Sen Lek and Apoy.

Stipend and Reimbursements

You will receive a $125 stipend upon completion of panel participation. We also offer reimbursement for childcare and transportation. Receipts can be emailed to Khin or submitted in person on panel day. On panel day, you will complete a W-9 and provide your mailing address. Make sure to provide your most up-to-date address so that you receive your stipend and reimbursement check on time. The reimbursement form is available to download here.

Panel Cancellation

We do not cancel panel days because applicants depend on the process happening in a timely manner. Our policy is that if the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus closes or if MnDOT issues a no travel advisory due to hazardous driving conditions, we will contact panelists to attend by conference call to ensure a quorum. All panels will proceed as intended unless you are contacted by MRAC to instruct you otherwise.

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