Panel Prep

Thank you so much for serving our community by being a grant panelist! 

Flexible Support


Please email Sam or MRAC with any questions. You can also reach Sam at 651-523-6388

Orientation Materials


Rating Guide:


Bias Resources

Tips to counter bias while scoring:

  • Focus on the criterion. Remember all applications you are reviewing are eligible.
  • Reread or re-listen to apps before assuming information is missing
  • Truly look at content NOT how elegant the sentences were crafted.
  • Consider changing arts with creative or maker to counteract our preconceived notions of what art is or should be.
  • Pace yourself! You have a full 4 weeks to review these. Set a weekly or even daily goal to keep yourself accountable.

Stipends & Reimbursements

Upon completion of panel participation, panelists will receive a stipend. Panelists can also request caregiver expense reimbursement. To receive your stipend, please fill out the Panelist Stipend Form and send any care reimbursement receipts to


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