• Spanish Service Plug

    Spanish Service Plug Mirella Espino, Program Director Grant-writing is often the last thing an artist wants to think about. And of course, it makes sense! Why would you want to… (read more)

  • Board Member Accommodations and Meet an MRAC Board Member

    MRAC’s Board is Growing! The Metropolitan Regional Arts Council (MRAC) is seeking new board members for the next fiscal year (FY23, starting on July 1, 2022). The MRAC Board of… (read more)

  • Meet MRAC Board and New Opportunities

    MRAC Evolve MRAC’s Board is Growing! Board Member Feature: Amanda Cortés Board Member Feature: Alejandra Iannone Board Member Feature: Lauren White Board Member Feature: Alejandra Pelinka Board Responsibilities Current Board… (read more)

  • Happy Holidays! Connect After Winter Break

    Photo of MRAC Staff. Image descriptions are at the bottom of this article. Happy Holidays! Thank you to MRAC Board Members, panelists, program partners, artists and culture makers, and arts and… (read more)

  • Arts Impact for Individuals Grant Awards

    Congratulations to the 79 individuals who are recipients of the MRAC Arts Impact for Individuals grant awards. On December 21, 2021, the MRAC board approved $392,917 in funding for the… (read more)

  • Local Events on MRAC’s Community Calendar

    Did you know you can check out local art & culture events happening every month (live & virtual) on MRAC’s Community Calendar? https://mrac.org/community-calendar/ Arts & Culture groups and individuals, you… (read more)

  • MRAC Evolve: The Language Edition

    Image description: The header image is by Kristen Stoeckeler from 20% Theatre Company. Two people are sitting on stools in a conversation – the person on the left has grey hair… (read more)

  • Statewide Stories: Region 3 Arrowhead Regional Arts Council

    Region 3: Arrowhead Regional Arts Council by Kathy Mouacheupao, Executive Director of the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council You may have guessed it, I’m spotlighting the Region 3: Arrowhead Regional Arts Council… (read more)

  • Now Available! Recording of Twin Cities Metro Arts & Disability Forum

    Thank you to the fantastic panelists, Nicole Noblet, Teighlor McGee, Minda Mae and Nicole Smith, for a wonderful conversation! The Twin Cities Metro Arts & Disability Forum was held November… (read more)

  • Flexible Support Round 1 Awards

    Congratulations to the 88 groups and organizations who are recipients of the first round of MRAC Flexible Support grant awards. On November 16, 2021, the MRAC board approved $1,287,688 in… (read more)

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