Checking in on the community: groups & organizations

Checking in on the community – Survey for groups and organizations

MRAC is approaching the start of a new biennium, which prompts a cycle of reflection and inquiry about how we can best support arts access in the next couple of years.

Please take a moment to fill out MRAC Needs Assessment Survey for groups and organizations to help inform our next biennial plan*.  Your responses will be anonymous, but you can submit your email for a chance to receive a $50 Visa Card. Your email will not be shared or associated with your responses.

Although this survey is designed for groups and organizations, we will also include surveys to individuals, applicants, grantees and focus groups in our planning process.

*MRAC’s budgeting and planning follows the State’s 2-year budgeting cycle, which requires a biennial (2-year) work plan outlining priorities and programs.

If you have any questions, or accessibility needs, please contact:

Thank you!
Kathy Mouacheupao
Executive Director

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