Accessibility Resources for Arts Organizations

Below are some online resources MRAC staff have compiled to assist MRAC-eligible groups in becoming more accessible to participants of all abilities. Resources are grouped according to topics, and in general we have tried to find resources specific to small arts organizations.

In addition to these online resources, MRAC offers:

  • Regular free in-person trainings on accessibility topics, such as DIY ADA Access Planning and Access on A Shoestring. Upcoming events are listed on our online Events Calendar.
  • Grant programs that can assist organizations address a variety of projects related to accessibility, including (but not limited to) supporting arts programs designed for people with disabilities, purchasing adaptive equipment, or hiring a consultant to conduct an accessibility assessment and build an ADA Access Plan.
  • One-on-one assistance from MRAC’s Accessibility Program Director to answer questions about accessibility planning, access services, and more. Connect with Scott at or 651-523-6384 to start a conversation and see how we can help.

Accessibility Resources Created by MRAC

The following are resources created by MRAC to assist with organizational planning for accessibility. They are listed from newest to oldest.

Additional Resources

These resources are ones we’ve found useful in our work at MRAC. We’ve tended toward providing resources that are tactical (you can take action on them right away), and have generally preferred non-commercial websites. Another excellent compilation of resources is available from the Minnesota Access Alliance on their MNAA Resources page. Please Contact Us if you have other resources to share or if you find a broken link.

General Introduction & Guidance

Accessibility Assessments


  • Captioning/CART in the Performing Arts (Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning) – An introduction to captioning (how is it different from subtitles? what is closed vs open captioning?), and resources for companies offering technology solutions.

Disability Awareness


Language of Disability

Meetings & Events

  • A Guide to Planning Accessible Meetings (Mid­-Atlantic ADA Center and TransCen, Inc.) – A thorough but not-overwhelming guide to making events. Meetings, and conferences accessible. Tips on site selection, registration, room layouts, tips for presenters, and more.
  • Accessible Meetings (Minnesota IT Services) – Resource modules with tips on making meetings accessible, including planning, conference calls, video conferences, and in-person presentations.
  • Guidelines for Accessible Presentations (Museum Arts Culture Access Consortium)

Organizations with Additional Resources

  • ADA Minnesota – ADA Minnesota is a resource providing Minnesota citizens with disabilities, businesses, communities, government, universities and colleges assistance in implementing the ADA. It is the local chapter of the ADA National Network.
    • Great Lakes ADA Center – The Center provides information, materials, technical assistance and training on the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). ADA Minnesota is the local affiliate for this umbrella organization.
  • Simon Technology Center (PACER Center) – The Simon Technology Center is dedicated to making the benefits of technology more accessible to children and adults with disabilities. Individualize training and workshops on adaptive technology, a lending library, and online learning resources.

Promoting to Disability Audiences

  • Accessible Arts Calendar (Minnesota Access Alliance) – This is the go-to resource for arts and culture patrons with disabilities to find accessible arts and culture programming in Minnesota. Organizations can list their events that include access services to the calendar by creating an account and submitting an online form.
  • Disability Access Symbols – The Graphic Artists Guild provides a free package of downloadable logos to use in publicizing your activities to people with disabilities. Their page also explains what the symbols stand for and when it is appropriate to use each one.

Sensory Friendly Programming

Social Media

Ticketing & Seating


Accessibility at MRAC

For complete details about how we make MRAC’s activities available to people of all abilities, please visit Accessibility at MRAC.
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