Panel Books

MRAC Panel in Action, People sitting around a table discussing grants.

Thanks for serving MRAC and our applicant groups as a panelist. We appreciate the time, expertise, and assessment you will put into this process.

For Arts Activities Support grant questions, contact program directors Masami Kawazato at or 651-523-6386 and Jovan Speller at or 651-523-6381.

Program directors are happy to answer questions that arise as you are preparing for panel day.

If you have questions about the day you are scheduled or other scheduling concerns or would like to clarify dietary needs for panel day, please contact Office and Panel Coordinator Khin Oo at or 651-645-0402.

Arts Activities Support Panel Books can be downloaded here:

AAS Panel A Friday, May 31
AAS Panel B Monday, June 3
AAS Panel C Tuesday, June 4
AAS Panel D Wednesday, June 5
AAS Panel E Thursday, June 6
AAS Panel F Friday, June 7