Next Step Fund Panelists

Thank you for serving as a Next Step Fund reviewer for 2018. All of the information you need to serve as a panelist is available for download here. If you have questions on the program intent or any part of the review process, including conflicts-of-interest, please reach out to Bethany Whitehead at or 651.523.6388.

All panelists will need to rate the applicants on the online grant portal no later than May 2. Log-in to the portal from the MRAC homepage or HERE. If you have forgotten your log-in or have trouble with your password, let Bethany know.

For all Panelists:

NSF Program Overview and Conflict of Interest

Grant Process Overview FY18

Next Step Fund Guidelines FY18

Online Interface Tutorial

Next Step Fund Rating Scale

Really great applications from last year: 
Joua Lee NSF17
Mychal Fisher NSF17
Sha Cage NSF17

Thomas LaBlanc NSF17

Panel A1 Materials
April Sellers, Witt Siasoco, D.A. Bullock, Paul Coate, Farida Hughes

Panel A2 Materials
Carolyn Payne, Taja Will, Joua Lee, Catherine Dalton, Bryan Thao Worra

Panel B1 Materials
Ashwini Ramaswamy, Pa Na Lor, Dameun Strange, Alison Hiltner, Kevin Vollmers

Panel B2 Materials
Katie Ka Vang, Aki Shibata, Beverly Cottman, Brian Hart, Naomi Cohn