Next Step Fund Panelists

Thank you for serving as a Next Step Fund reviewer for 2020. All of the information you need to serve as a panelist is available for download here.

All first round ratings need to be submitted no later than end-of-day on Monday, March 23. Your scores should be uploaded to the online database via your online account (log-in as if you were an applicant to the online grant system).

If you have questions on the program intent or any part of the review process, including conflicts-of-interest, please reach out to Bethany Whitehead at 651-523-6388 or

Resources For all Panelists:

Next Step Fund Orientation FY20 Slides of the orientation. Includes the conflict of interest policy.

NSF Grant Process FY20 Overview of the timeline for reviewing applications.

Next Step Fund Guidelines FY20 Grant guidelines that the applicants referenced to develop their proposals.

Next Step Fund Rating Scale Rating scale to help you assess applications.

Really great Next Step Fund applications from last year: Bill Jeter Tarek Abdelqader Xiaolu Wang

Grant Applications by Panel:

Panel A1
Marjorie Fedzyszyn, Marlena Myles, May Ling Kopecky, Rachel Castro, Tarek Abdelqader

Applications: Next Step Fund Panel A1

Rating Sheet: Panel A1 Rating Sheet

Panel A2
Deja Stowers, Denzel Belin, Lindsy Halleckson, Rebekah Crisanta de Ybarra, Ritika Ganguly

Applications: Next Step Fund Panel A2

Rating Sheet: Panel A2 Rating Sheet

Panel B1
Aki Shibata, Christopher Harrison, Markus Hoeckner, Tana Hargest, Taous Khazem

Applications: Next Step Fund Panel B1

Rating Sheet: Panel B1 Rating Sheet

Panel B2
Aida Al-Kadi, Carolyn Holbrook, Ezra Bartsch, Nora Montanez Patterson, Pa Na Lor

Applications: Next Step Fund Panel B2

Rating Sheet: Panel B2 Rating Sheet



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