Grant Review Panels

MRAC panel meetings are public, open meetings. Constituents are encouraged to come and listen to the reviews to gain a fuller understanding of the process and hear the panelists’ comments directly. Applicants may listen to the proceedings but are not invited to make presentations or participate in the panel’s discussion. All grant reviews are recorded and are available to applicant groups that are unable to attend. Please contact your program director to receive your recording uploaded to your online grant record.

Panel review meetings usually begin at 9:00 a.m. with a short panel re-orientation. Check the panel schedule for confirmation. If there are no panels listed, there are no upcoming panels.

To learn about how panelists are recruited and selected, visit this page.

Panel Day Schedules

Monday, November 13 Organizational Development Grant Panel A FY18 Organizational Development Panel A
Tuesday, November 14 Organizational Development Grant Panel B FY18 Organizational Development Panel B
Wednesday, November 15 Organizational Development Grant Panel C FY18 Organizational Development Panel C

Thursday, November 16 Capital Grant Panel A FY18 Capital Panel A
Friday, November 17 Capital Grant Panel B FY18 Capital Panel B

Tuesday, December 5 Community Arts FY18 Community Arts Round 1 Panel A
Wednesday, December 6 Community Arts FY18 Community Arts Round 1 Panel B
Thursday, December 7 Community Arts FY18 Community Arts Round 1 Panel C
Friday, December 8 Community Arts FY18 Community Arts Round 1 Panel D