Each grant program has specific eligibility requirements; please read the grant program guidelines thoroughly before starting your application. Applicants are also strongly encouraged to attend a grant application workshop and/or to speak to their program director to ensure eligibility. Visit our staff page to find the appropriate program director for your grant or call our general line at 651-645-0402.

Who Does MRAC Fund?

In all grant programs:

  • Federally tax-exempt arts nonprofits located in the seven-county metro area with annual programming expenses of less than $400,000.
  • Informal and/or unincorporated arts-focused groups located in the seven-country metro area with expenses of less than $400,000.

In the Arts Project Support and Arts Learning grant programs, additionally these entities are also eligible to apply:

  • A public entity such as a unit of state, local, or tribal government with arts expenses of $400,000 or less. Arts budgets must be isolated from the larger entity’s budget and the group must have an advisory committee for the proposed project.
  • Federally tax-exempt non-arts organizations and community education units with annual arts programming expenses of less than $400,000. Arts budgets must be isolated from the larger entity’s budget and have an advisory committee for the proposed project.

Who/What Does MRAC Not Fund?

  • Applicant groups and/or activities located outside the seven-county metro area of Minnesota.
  • Artists applying as an individual, except in the Next Step Fund.
  • Costs for fundraising events.
  • Activities that engage in political lobbying, serve the religious socialization of participants, or discriminate against persons or groups.
  • Organizations registered with the MN Secretary of State as a profit-making Minnesota business (e.g. Business Corporation, Limited Liability Corporation, Limited Liability Partnership, MN Public Benefit Corporations, etc.).
  • Public, private, alternative, charter, or home schools (this includes school support organizations such as PTAs, PTOs, school foundations, etc.).
  • Organizations whose main purpose is to raise funds for another person, organization, or cause.
  • Travel expenses to or from Minnesota. You may engage an out-of-state artist within your project, but their travel expense to get to or from Minnesota cannot be included in a MRAC request.

How many MRAC grants may a group have at one time?

  • Groups may apply to any deadline for Arts Project Support, but may receive only one Arts Project Support grant per MRAC fiscal year.
  • Groups may apply for both Organizational Support deadlines (Capital or Organizational Development) but can only receive one Organizational Support award per MRAC fiscal year.
  • Groups may apply to both Arts Learning deadlines per year but may receive only one Arts Learning award per MRAC fiscal year.
  • Groups may receive two Management Consulting Fund awards per MRAC fiscal year. The project in the first received grant must be complete before applying for a second grant.
  • Groups may receive up to $600 in the Management Training Funds per MRAC fiscal year.

Eligible groups that have an MRAC-funded project in process may apply for a subsequent grant in the same program if the first project is completed before MRAC’s published “earliest grant expenditure date” for the new project. Final reporting requirements must be met before any new funding will be released.

Please refer to the grant guidelines for program-specific eligibility requirements.

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