Recent Capital Grant Awards

FY 2018 Capital Grant Awards

On November 29, 2017, MRAC awarded $144,222 to 18 organizations in its FY 2018 Capital grant program. The Capital grant program offers grants of up to $10,000 for arts organizations to purchase equipment and related supplies and services, or to make capital improvements. Awarded projects must advance the organization’s mission, have the potential for long-term impact, and show evidence of thorough planning.

The following list of the FY 2018 Capital grantees is sorted by county of affiliation and includes award amounts, project summaries, and links to the grantees’ websites. Groups located in Minneapolis and St. Paul are listed separately from suburban Hennepin and suburban Ramsey counties.

Anoka County

Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts $6,446.00
Funding to purchase an interactive wall panel to professionalize artist presentations and class experience through better demo viability, and increase the rental potential of the classroom.

Dakota County

Eagan Art Festival $5,331.00
Funding for a laptop computer, desk monitor, iPads, a printer, hotspots and software to increase the efficiency of the organization and to create an improved artist and customer experience.

Rosemount Area Arts Council $10,000.00
Funding to purchase signage to enhance marketing efforts, including two pull-up signs with carrrying cases, four feather-flag signs to be used outside to announce events, and 232 banners flags to be installed on city lamp posts announcing major events.


Art Shanty Projects $10,000.00
Funding for laptop computers, mobile devices, a printer, communication tools, consultant, and associated software, protective gear, and supplies to increase organizational capacity and individual giving.

Les Jolies Petites School of Dance $10,000.00
Funding to replace the current roof of the dance school.

Nimbus Theatre $10,000.00
Funding to purchase a new personnel lift for their venue, The Crane Theater.

Rosy Simas Danse $8,497.00
Funding to purchase three video projectors, a computer, audio and video software, data storage, and a HD TV monitor to create and integrate film work in their dances for their upcoming tour.

Somali Artifact and Cultural Museum $1,330.00
Funding to purchase two new laptop computers and the PastPerfect museum software Network Upgrade to increase capacity and effectiveness in managing collections.

Saint Paul

113 $10,000.00
Funding to purchase a microphones and associated equipment, video cameras including lenses and associated equipment, editing software, office equipment and miscellaneous items.

Dangerous Productions $2,736.00
Funding for a new laptop computer to replace the personal computer now being used by the organization in an effort to support organizational mission.

Hmong Cultural Center $5,000.00
Funding to purchase iPads/stands to be used in a permanent exhibit on the Hmong Folk Arts tradition.

In Progress $10,000.00
Funding to purchase professional quality photography, video, and post-production tools for media artists living in Saint Paul.

Keane Sense of Rhythm $5,594.00
Funding to purchase two new replacement computers and two iPads for use in the classroom to assist teaching staff.

Pan Asian Arts Alliance $10,000.00
Funding to purchase dance costumes to empower low income and at-risk youth through dance.

Suburban Hennepin County

Blossoms of the Orient Dance Theater $10,000.00
Funding to purchase 60 sets of Hmong costumes to be used in outreach performances.

Continental Ballet Company $9,288.00
Funding to purchase industrial strength costume racks, covers, and tutu bags to increase organizational and artistic capacity.

Wayzata Symphony Orchestra $10,000.00
Funding for seven large percussion instruments and the associated stands, mallets, and covers for storage.

Washington County

Square Lake Film & Music Festival $10,000.00
Funding to acquire a high power HD projector to showcase animation and film projects at the annual festival and other independent film/animation events produced throughout the year.


FY 2017 Capital Grant Awards

Dakota County

Chamber Music Lakeville  $6,540
Funding to purchase an acoustical shell to enhance the sound quality to benefit performers and audiences.

Rosemount Area Arts Council     $2,568
Funding to purchase an electric piano to support theatrical performances’ pit orchestras, accompany vocal competitions, and other professional musician performances.


20% Theatre Company      $7,182
Funding to purchase two new laptop computers, a printer, and associated software and supplies to increase organizational and artistic capacity.

Alive & Kickin          $10,000
Funding to purchase new seating for the performers, staging platforms, and carts to move the equipment which will make touring with the senior citizen cast more efficient.

ArtiCulture   $4,633
Funding to replace tables, chairs, and shelving. New faucets and sink plumbing components will also be purchased and installed.

Bollywood Dance Scene     $6,855
Funding to purchase a computer, iPad, and accompanying software, accessories and subscriptions to optimally manage the arts organization.

Foci Minnesota Center for Glass Arts    $10,000
Funding to purchase and install two large and modern annealing ovens for the glass studio.

Kairos Alive!            $10,000
Funding to replace and augment computers, presentation and office equipment, and purchase software to support performing arts programming, video production, and essential administrative support.

Nimbus Theatre      $10,000
Funding to purchase additional theatrical lighting equipment for the expanded studio space in their new location in NE Minneapolis.

Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association           $4,027
Funding to purchase equipment and software to support organizational growth. Specific items to be purchased include a work station and portable laptop.

She Rock She Rock  $10,000
Funding to purchase technology equipment to run the Beats By Girlz classes throughout the Twin Cities area.

Stuart Pimsler Dance and Theater          $10,000
Funding to purchase video equipment to expand the capabilities and range of the Performance Works and Community Connections programs through the integration of video.

Twin Cities Tap Festival    $10,000
Funding to have a custom wood floor built that can be used for the annual festival and other tap needs throughout the year.

St. Paul

Dakota Foundation for Jazz Education   $2,005
Funding to purchase a computer and associated hardware, software, and training  to keep all organization files in one place.

In Progress   $10,000
Funding to purchase media equipment to support the Nexus Digital Arts Access Program serving media artists.

The Baroque Room            $10,000
Funding to purchase a harpsichord to be used by musicians and be a source of income to the organization as a rental instrument to local ensembles.

Suburban Hennepin County

Maggie’s Farm Free-Range Theater        $10,000
Funding to purchase and install a theatrical lighting system to improve operations in their new theater space in the Little Theater in St. Louis Park.

Suburban Ramsey County
Dark & Stormy Productions         $8,800
Funding to make updates to the space at Studio 202 of Artspace’s Grain Belt Warehouse to improve access, cooling, and lighting and sound systems for the theater group.

Lakeshore Players  $10,000
Funding to purchase six lavalier “body” microphones, transmitters, receivers and a sound console for use in plays and musical productions to improve the artistic experience for both participants and attendees.