A Farewell to Khin Oo, Panel Manager

Khin Oo

After two transformative years at MRAC, Panel Manager Khin Oo is leaving the organization for a new chapter of her career. We are excited for her, but a bit heart-broken, as she will be dearly missed.

Khin did incredible work at MRAC during her time on the team. She started at MRAC as the Office and Panel Coordinator and quickly improved many administrative processes and raised the bar of excellence. As Panel Manager, Khin was instrumental in reducing barriers for individuals to participate as panelists while we were in-person, resulting in the most diverse panels ever at MRAC. When COVID-19 arrived in Minnesota, we were in the middle of a grant review at the office. Khin swiftly and carefully guided panelists to a new online process and we completed the grant review without missing a beat. 

During this past grant year, as the MRAC team responded to multiple crises and constantly adapted, Khin went above and beyond. Of the 176 panelists who served this year, 38% were new, 53% identify as BIPOC, 15% as people with disabilities, and 24% as LGBTQIA2+. Not only did Khin grow the MRAC community with new panelists, she made known that the panel process is accessible. In addition, Khin took on communications work, launching our new community calendar, updating the MRAC newsletter style and increasing its accessibility, and kicking off the MRAC Evolve online magazine.

Thank you, Khin! We wish you all of the best.

Becky Franklin, Director of Administration


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