Round 6 of Equity Response Grant Awards

An image of an Indigenous woman with a flexed arm and a handprint across her mouth. The word bubble says Not One More!

Congratulations to the 15 organizations who are recipients of the sixth round MRAC Equity Response grant awards. On April 20, 2021, the MRAC board approved $37,500 in funding for the following organizations to receive grant awards in the sixth round of the Equity Response program for FY21. Note that the county designations indicate where the organization is located; Minneapolis and Saint Paul are listed separately from their counties.

The Equity Response grant program was created to serve the flexible needs of groups and organizations that are led by Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), People with Disabilities (PWD), and/or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual/Agender, Two-Spirit (LGBTQIA2+) individuals. There are multiple future deadlines for this grant program and we encourage you to visit the grant page to learn more.

Image from Artists Collective for Community Collaborations (AC3)

Dakota County


Funding to hold a community art pop-up with traditional Haitian dance class and healing drum circle to reconnect socially and culturally isolated Haitians and others from the African diaspora in MN.

Minnesota Hidden Urban Retreats (MHUR)

Funding for Minnesota Hidden Urban Retreats (MHUR), a Minnesota based nature photojournalism art project.


FreeWriters MN

Funding to provide creative writing classes for Hennepin County Jail inmates — who otherwise lack secular, arts-based programming — and the much-needed emotional release that comes with it.

Green Card Voices

Funding to support the immigrant, BIPOC, and queer co-leaders through personal work with a BIPOC and/or immigrant coach.

Lightning Rod

Funding for artistic leadership stipend.

Morgan Thorson Projects

Funding to develop a plan with a financial consultant for future funding opportunities, and to secure the necessary training and equipment to facilitate new ways of working.

Technologist Computers

Funding for Joy on Film invites children to use Polaroid Cameras to document things that bring them joy, as a method of processing the trauma of living through COVID-19 & the Minneapolis Uprising.

Telling Queer History

Funding to hire strategic planning facilitators for Telling Queer History’s team retreat in July 2021.

The Man Up Club

Funding for The Man Up Music program allowing a cohort of African American males age 18-24 to receive hands on music production training and record a published music project for their local community.

Saint Paul

Artist Collective for Community Collaboration (AC3)

Funding for art made by community to be installed on the capital lawn on May 5th for the national MMIW day.

Minnesota China Friendship Garden Society

Funding performers, poetry contest, transportation from assisted living for the celebration of the China Friendship Garden’s Phase II and 9 poetic rocks chosen & created by cultural community voices.

Open Flow

Funding for Open Flow to contract American Sign Language interpreters for meetings, and additional technology and training for members, including audio description training.


Funding for Tembo to develop marketing tools and a business structure, and to adapt our curriculum to hybrid and remote models.

Yan Pang Create, LLC

Funding for Yan Pang Create LLC (YPC) to purchase a desktop computer to produce an Opera performance blending Southwestern Chinese folk music with African-American contemporary music and street dance.

Suburban Hennepin

Sonora Winds

Funding for Sonora Winds to rent concert space and purchase computer to record and master a series of concerts of newly written music.

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