November Update from MRAC

Kathy Mouacheupao

Dear Community,

Welcome to November! While it was raining, snowing and sunning, we got through our first full round of the Equity Response program.

Congratulations to the 16 Equity Response grant recipients– totaling $39,478 in the inaugural round of this new program!

The Equity Response program is MRAC’s response to the inequities in our funding history. To ensure resources are reaching communities that have been underfunded, Equity Response supports small projects by groups and organizations that are led by BIPOC, PWD, and/or LGBTQIA2+ individuals. This program does not require the applicant to apply for a project that is equity focused.

For the first time, we received fewer applications than we allocated funds for. Despite a great feeling of despair and deficit brought on by the pandemic and unrest, we found ourselves operating with abundance. Even if it’s only temporary, it’s such a great problem to have. And, we are not ignoring the opportunity to think differently about how we do our funding under these circumstances. Specifically, we don’t believe it is necessary to create competition when there is none and will fund all eligible applications. We know this won’t last forever, and will continue with the peer-review process when the dollars requested exceeds the amount we have allocated.

We also realized that just because we created a program for specific communities, doesn’t mean that barriers don’t still exist. We intend to be responsive, so we are listening, learning and adjusting as needed.

As always, I welcome any feedback or questions you have.

Looking forward,

Kathy Mouacheupao
Executive Director

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