MRAC Plans for the Next Two Years and Invites Your Participation

Did you recently attend one of our community circles?
Did you share feedback in our survey?
Curious about what we learned from these community engagements and what we are doing with this information?

All members of the public are invited to join us as we share our plan for the next two years of work at MRAC. Light refreshments will be provided. The event is at MRAC on Tuesday, May 7 at 5:30 pm. RSVP here.

Each Regional Arts Council is required to submit a biennial plan and budget to the Minnesota State Arts Board prior to receiving their funding from the state. This public meeting will be a sharing of the plan and an opportunity for feedback, questions, and comments. Feel free to review the documents shared on this page in advance of the public meeting.

The plan can be reviewed here at this link:

MRAC Biennial Plan Narrative DRAFT

This is the needs assessment work we solicited to help us draft the Biennial Plan:

MRAC Needs Assessment Attachment
2019 MRAC Constituent Survey

As part of this work we also share our by-laws, MRAC’s leadership and staff rosters, and job descriptions for all staff positions:

MRAC Bylaws
MRAC Board of Directors list FY19
MRAC Executive Director Job Description
MRAC Assistant Director of Administration
MRAC Prog & Comm Director Job Description
MRAC Program Director Job Description
MRAC Community Connections Manager
Next Step Fund Program Director
MRAC Office and Panel Coordinator

If there are any ADA accessibility accommodations that would assist in accessing these documents, or aid in your attendance and participation in the event, please contact or call 651-523-6384.

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