Job Opening: Day in the Life of a MRAC Program Director

Are you looking at the MRAC job description for the open Program Director position, but want a better sense of the actual work for someone who has this job?

What does a program director actually do?

  • Manage the relationships, grant applications, and the grant review process for applications from Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington Counties for the Arts Activities Support and the Community Arts grants.
  • Answer questions in-person, via phone, and via email about grant eligibility.
  • Review drafts of grants and provide feedback to applicants to make their grants stronger before the deadline.
  • Develop and lead in-person grant workshops about the opportunities to apply for MRAC funding and lead grant panelist orientations.
  • Facilitate full-day panel reviews of grant applications.
  • Assess requests for grant changes and extensions and approve final reports.
  • Data entry and the compiling of reports.
  • Creation of pdfs and documents.

Who would be a great candidate for this role? You if you are someone who can:

  • Spend a lot of time at a computer reading- being a fast, critical reader is often required
  • Understand and work with numbers and budgets
  • Assess policies and rules fairly
  • Work with MRAC staff and board to advance racial equity in the region
  • Teach- this role requires a natural teacher who is comfortable both in group settings and one-on-one; not afraid of public speaking
  • Input and export data from databases with ease
  • Communicate with a variety of individuals; being able to enthusiastically respond to the same questions repeatedly is often required
  • Speak fluidly about a number of artistic disciplines, but is okay with a role that is very removed from the actual art creation
  • Understand the different needs of constituents across artistic disciplines, access to resources, and geographies and can modify communications to suit
  • Adapt to the cyclical nature of the job as this role has four annual deadlines and associated tasks with each cycle
  • Independently manage work load to be able to meet very firm deadlines

Some things to consider:

In the weeks after each grant deadline the program director will read at a computer almost all day long.

Four weeks per year the program director will be in panel review of the grant applications, facilitating and monitoring the process.

Approximately twenty times per year the program director will present grant workshops to potential and current constituents, both at MRAC and out in the community. Additionally twenty panelist orientations will be presented to both new and returning grant review panelists.

In the weeks leading up to the grant deadlines the program director will spend most of their time meeting with applicants to review draft applications and provide feedback.

Each day the program director will respond to multiple requests for information, assistance, and clarity in the grantmaking process.

This program director role is a shared position in that there is another director for these same grant programs who manages the Hennepin County applicants. The new program director will need to be able to work collaboratively with this person and come to consensus on policies and procedures.

Does this sound like a job for you? Apply by Monday, September 10 to be considered in the first review of applicants.  

MRAC Program Director Job Description 2018




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