Grant Program Changes for FY19

As of today, June 1, the Grant Guidelines for all of our grant programs for our Fiscal Year 2019 (July 1, 2018- June 30, 2019) are active on our website and ready to be reviewed.

There are some significant changes to alert you to and we ask that you to start preparing for these changes.

  • The time deadline for all grant programs is now 11:59:59 pm on the deadline date. This change allows for more hours to complete your application.
  • In Arts Activities Support, Community Arts, Arts Learning, Organizational Development, and Capital, the Diversity and Access criteria have been replaced with a single criterion called Equity & Inclusion. This is more than a change in terms, this change is aligned with our organization’s work to strive for racial equity within our organization and also in the community we serve. This new criterion encourages you to think broadly and plan intentionally to reach more people through your arts programming and activities.
  • Starting in this fiscal year all of our state funded grant programs (only Next Step Fund is not included) now have a Latest Project End Date. This fiscal year all awarded project grants will need to complete all activities and expenditures by June 30, 2020.
  • The deadlines for the Capital and Organizational Development grant programs are now separate, allowing eligible groups to apply to both programs, and receive one of the grants per fiscal year. Capital grants are still due in September and the Organizational Development grant will now be due in March.
  • Informal groups are now allowed to submit either a fiscal sponsor agreement or a fiscal sponsor letter.
  • While not an guidelines change, it has been a year since we revealed our new logo and many organizations are still using our old logo in funding credits. Starting in FY19 we will be more active in seeking verification that you are acknowledging your grant award appropriately and with the proper logos. If you have questions on your obligations for acknowledgement, please reach out to your program director or check this LINK or your grant agreement.

Questions on any of these changes?
Reach out to a MRAC program director:
Masami Kawazato,, 651.523.6386
Greg Nielsen,, 651.523.6381
Bethany Whitehead,, 651.523.6388

Our first grant deadline with the new criteria is the July 16 Arts Activities Support grant deadline. Workshops are scheduled for the following dates and would be a great way to learn about the change and how to apply your project to the new criterion. Sign-up today

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