MRAC Arts Management Trainings

As part of the work of MRAC, the Council is dedicated to helping arts groups and organizations be as strong and effective in their work as possible. Therefore, each month there are trainings on the topics of arts management issues that are presented by professionals and available at no cost to attendees.

The Peer Connections event is on the first Friday of the month from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the MRAC offices. These are casual drop-in events where you can talk with the resident consultant on a certain topics, exchange ideas with other attendees, or simply come and get some work done and drink complimentary snacks and coffee.

There will also be two other training offerings each month. One is geared to start-up organizations or organizations with fewer resources.  The other is more high level thinking and is open to anyone who wants to delve into the topic at hand.

The 2017 Monthly Topics are:
  • January Capacity Building
  • February Media Relations
  • March Board Development
  • April Tools to Do Your Best Work
  • May Funding Streams
  • June Accessibility
  • July Human Resources
  • August Partnerships
  • September Evaluation
  • October Marketing
  • November Finances
  • December Self Care

Check your monthly MRAC newsletter, the calendar on the website, or Facebook for details on arts management trainings. 

Any questions about trainings can be directed to Bethany Whitehead, Program Director, at or 651.523.6388.

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