Japanese Taiko drummer - Photo provided by Roseville Park and Recreation

Welcome to MRAC's News page with links (on the right) to our current newsletter, recent grant awards, MRAC-funded Events Calendar, Arts Impact Blog, photos submission page, and pressroom, which has links to our past newsletters, press releases, and MRAC-related articles. Short descriptions of each of these pages are listed below.

MRAC Monthly Newsletter

The MRAC e-newsletter is our primary means of communicating information about grant deadlines, grant awards, application workshops, arts management training opportunities, changes in programs and/or services, and other MRAC news. 






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Recent Grant Awards

MRAC lists all of the awarded projects with short project descriptions for each grant round. Organization websites are included when available as a way to get more information about the groups and awarded projects.

Photo Submission Page

The Metropolitan Regional Arts Council uses photos of arts activities from the past year on our website and in our print materials such as our brochure and annual report. The photo submission page has information on how to submit your photos as well as credits to the photos already being displayed. 

Press Room

Want to reread material from a past newsletter or access one of our press releases? Our press room has links to past newsletters, press releases, and MRAC-related articles.